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    Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result
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  • Hot Yoga Wellness
    This is a taste of what Hot Yoga Wellness is for p...
  • Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yoga Trainings: Teacher Training + Yoga Therapist Training

    Do you wish to deepen your yoga practice? Would you like to become an instructor? You wish to be a yoga therapist?

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  • Free Class for your first-timer Friend or Gift Cards

    500hr Yoga Therapist Training + 1,000hr Yoga Therapist Training

    Submit your application now for the bi-weekly, weekends only, 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training + 1,000hr Yoga Therapist Training. Click TITLE above for more info.

    Osteopath & Massage Therapist at Concord – 50% off your First Treatment!

    Align your ‘bones’, have a ‘tune-up’, fix your back, etc etc. (Insurance coverage may apply.)
    For your initial appointment call 905-660-8810

    Crossfit is going strong at Concord Studio


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  • Our Vision

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  • Our Vision

    “East meets East in the West” is a vision unlike any other within the yoga community. In addition to a variety of Yoga classes, Hot Yoga Wellness offers classes combining the popular western practice of Indian yoga with the Chinese practice of Health Qigong for a complete, overall experience of wellness balancing the mind-body Yin energy of the east with the physically-minded Yang energy of the west.

    Our logo shows the yin and yang symbol and circle of chi / energy uniting the elements of universe, man/woman in grounding tree pose and the earth. The colour green represents clearing, cleansing and healing. The colour purple represents the more spiritual aspects of yoga and qigong.

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