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    Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result
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    Our Vision

    Our Vision: East meets East in the West

    “East meets East in the West”

    is a vision unlike any other within the yoga community. Hot Yoga Wellness is the only studio in Canada to combine the popular western practice of Indian yoga with the lesser-known Chinese practice of Health Qigong for a complete, overall experience of wellness balancing the mind-body Yin energy of the east with the physically-minded Yang energy of the west.

    Our logo shows the yin and yang symbol and circle of chi / energy uniting the elements of universe, man/woman in grounding tree pose and earth. The colour green represents clearing, cleansing and healing. The colour purple represents the more spiritual aspects of yoga and qigong.

    Meet Sujun Chen: Founder & President of Hot Yoga Wellness

    Sujun Chen came to Canada from China and worked as a live-in caregiver for several years before discovering hot yoga. She suffered from lower back pain and stress and hot yoga and health qigong healed her in time to cancel her surgery. Since then, Sujun vowed to share this incredible gift with others.

    In 2006, she opened her first Hot Yoga Wellness studio in Woodbridge followed by Concord in 2009 and several others throughout the Greater Toronto Area (Kennedy, Brampton, Burlington, Buttonville) and in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Sujun leads a dedicated community of yoga teachers and students committed to enhanced wellness. In 2010 she began offering 200HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Training two times per year and has certified over 100 teachers. In the fall of 2013, Hot Yoga Wellness will be upgrading to 500HR Teacher Training certification incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health Qigong and Yoga Therapist certification.

    Hot Yoga Wellness is the only studio in Canada to offer qigong certification to its yoga instructors and Qigong classes. Sujun is committed to providing balance to her students through yang (yoga) and yin (qigong, meditation) classes. Yang expends energy outward while yin draws the energy back in.

    In 2013, Hot Yoga Wellness hosted the 2nd Health Qigong Seminar for American Instructors in Markham, Ontario along with the Chinese Ministry of Sport. The seminar provided specialized certification and training from highly renown qigong masters Lei Bin, Wang Zhen and Zhuang Yong Chang on the thousands-year old mind-body practice of Health Qigong.

    Our Classes

    Your Hot Yoga Wellness regular-priced membership is valid at any studio across the Greater Toronto Area. At Hot Yoga Wellness you will find a variety of heated and non-heated yoga and qigong classes suitable for all levels including:

    Foundation Flow ~ Mixed Yoga Style ~ Health Qigong ~ Hot Core ~ Crossfit ~ Women’s Self Defense ~ Hatha Flow ~ Yin Yoga ~ Aerial Yoga ~ Yoga Fitness ~ Ashtanga Yoga ~ Kids Yoga & MORE

    ** New classes are being added all the time. Check “Take a Class” as well as each studio’s own web site for details and class descriptions. **

    The Benefits of Body Temperature Yoga

    Hot Yoga Wellness uses high-quality infrared heating panel systems and humidifiers in all the rooms. If you’ve never tried hot yoga before, Hot Yoga Wellness is a great place to be because the rooms are heated to body temperature (37C or 98.6F. You will sweat! Sweating helps the body detoxify and aids in deeper stretching. Hot Yoga also decreases stress and provides a source of complementary healing for many, if not all physical conditions. To prepare for a hot yoga class, drink water before, during and after class. Bring a mat and towel with you or rent both at the front desk. For more details, see “Take a Class”.

    Holistic Therapy

    In addition to yoga and health qigong, we also offer enhanced energetic and holistic therapies at our Concord studio via Osteoklinika (www.osteoklinika.com) and Certified Practitioner and Yoga Teacher: Patricia Tomasi (www.kickassdreams.com). Call or email to book an appointment.


    Manual Osteopathy ~ Electrotherapy ~ Massage Therapy ~ Acupuncture ~ BioFlex Laser Therapy  ~ Therapeutic Ultrasound

    Reiki ~ Chakra Balancing ~ Life Coaching

    Strengthen your energy field. Heal, restore, unblock, and awaken your inner power. Patricia Tomasi is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Chakra Healer, Life Coach, Yoga and Health Qigong Instructor. She conducts all her sessions at the Concord Hot Yoga Wellness location. Read about Patricia and her work at www.kickassdreams.com .

    Download a brochure here: What is Reiki/Chakra Balancing/Life Coaching?

    Call 416-705-4528 or email info@kickassdreams.com to book an appointment.

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