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    Health Qigong Certification

    Led by Sujun Chen, Sandra Dumont and instructing you as follows:

    a) Da Wu Style 25 Hour Certificate

    Health Qigong Da Wu, as taken from Chinese ancient literature, focuses on the bending, stretching, rotating & revolving of all joints in the body. This set of exercises are helpful to lubricate joints, purge and guide Qi through dance.

    b) Shi Er Duan Style (Sitting Twelve) 25 Hour Certificate

    b)Health Qigong Shi Er Duan Jin, a sophisticated blend combining the essence of the ancient schools. This form is a system of sitting postures exercises which are done in order of head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, upper limbs, lower limbs, chest and abdomen.??

    *Note: For those taking the 250 and 500HR Yoga Teacher Training, you will be certified in Health Qigong.

    For more information, please CONTACT US.

    Watch a video about Health Qigong at Hot Yoga Wellness.












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