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    Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result
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    Open a Studio

    What is Hot Yoga?

    Hot Yoga is a beneficial exercise performed in a room which is heated to body temperature. The studio room is usually about 1300 sq. ft.

    What is Wellness?

    Our definition of “Wellness” is any practice that increases the health and well-being of a person. Think of osteopathy, various massage methods, skin care, traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong, Taichi , stress management, nutrition plus many more ways of optimizing wellness.

    Opening a Studio

    Are you a yoga teacher and are dreaming about opening a studio, but you don’t know where to start? Do you love yoga and want to direct a yoga studio? Are you a fitness or paramedic industry professional and would like to augment the practice? Do you have a studio now and would like to join our family of studios?

    No matter who you are and what may be your motivation, we can help. Being part of the Hot Yoga Wellness family, you will receive support!

    General requirements for opening a new Hot Yoga Wellness (HYW) Studio
    (or re-branding your present studio)

    1. Be a Yoga and Wellness enthusiast
    2. Environmental awareness
    3. HYW studio license
    4. HYW Website
    5. Offering both Hot Yoga and other Wellness modalities
    6. Signage inside and outside
    7. HYW waivers, sign-in sheets, teacher contracts, studio pricing
    8. ‘Proof copy’ support re initial advertising
    9. EaseClub database & database training

    Additional available Services (fee basis, as required / requested by new studio owner):

    1. Business plan and pro-formaPartnership for financing and management
    2. Assistance re financing proposal to the financial institution
    3. “Turn-key” General Contractor services re complete construction of premises with ‘green’ materials such as cork floors, VOC free paints, heating panels, controls and operation, humidity controls and operation.

    Ongoing HYW community assistance and support re the following:

    1. Support, advice, contacts as to advertising brochures, flyers, business cards, layouts, etc
    2. Retail contacts re mats, water bottles, disinfectant, natural soap & cleaning suppliers, etc
    3. Continuous and successful operation of a studio. We have experience as to what works well!
    4. Running a studio re physical operation, instructors, studio managers, energy exchange, etc

    Hot Yoga Wellness is delighted to have you join our family. 

    We know that when you build a studio you will be ‘spreading the word’ of “Hot Yoga” and “Wellness”. Therefore you will be helping your own community which simply means that you are “helping the world to become a better place one posture at a time”.

    If you would like to discuss this opportunity please contact us today.
    647-801-4932 or info@hotyogawellness.com

    Take a Video Tour of a few Studios - CLICK HERE

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