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    Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result
    Hot Yoga Wellness > Yoga Trainings: Teacher Training + Yoga Therapist Training > 250hrYoga(+Qigong)TeacherTrainingWeekends2017


    Yoga (Qigong) 250hr Teacher Trainings:

    > 250hr. Yoga (Qigong)  Weekends Sat & Sun March 25th till June 18th  (except Easter Weekend)

    Our unique concept is EAST MEETS EAST IN THE WEST
    A blend of teachings from Yoga schools, Chinese medicine, TaiChi and Qiqong to develop unique teaching principles to deliver a well-balanced practice to practitioners.

    (Member school - Yoga Alliance & International Association of Yoga Therapists’  accreditation)

    You will get insights into the foundations of Yoga philosophy and teaching techniques plus you will be given a solid overview of Chinese medicine and other Eastern practices. You will gain hands-on skills to enable you to blend all these approaches to wellness and well-being into a single comprehensive practice for your students whether in a body temperature studio or a normal studio.

    You will learn and participate in the following:

    * History and philosophy and the benefits of living a yoga lifestyle
    * Foundation of human anatomy and yoga and wellness links
    * Wellness Flow – safe, effective Hatha Yoga asanas
    * Teaching methodology and practical teaching tips
    * Teaching ethics and communications basics
    * Practical experience in leading classes
    * Benefits of Qiqong & of Qigong-Yoga
    * Balanced Nutrition Principles
    * Various styles of Yoga
    * Chinese Medicine
    * Hypnosis-Yoga
    * Aerial Yoga
    * Meditation
    “Improving the world one posture at a time!”

     Intensive  starting: Aug 14 – Aug 30
    OR you choose
    Weekends Only:       Sep 16 – Dec 3 

                                                    PRICE: – $3,000 +HST - (flex pay if needed)

    China:     Intensive Beijing (& other cities)   Every three months
    PRICE for China: call 647-202-3339 or sujun@hotyogawellness.com

            -  tt@hotyogawellness.com or 647-801-4932
                                    -  Mandarin: call 647-202-3339 or Sujun@hotyogawellness.com

    Member school – Accreditation:
    > Yoga Alliance

    > International Association of Yoga Therapists 


    Testimonials of our Teacher Training Graduates, please CLICK

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    You will learn a lot AND you will have a great time. You will make a lot of new friends
    and you will help to
                                                   ”improve the world one posture at a time!”

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