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    Hot Yoga Wellness > Health Qigong Teacher Training

    Health Qigong Teacher Training


    Health Qigong Teacher Training – 50 hour (2 – 25hr Certificates)

    Led by Sujun Chen, Sandra Dumontand instructing you as follows:

    a) Da Wu Style – 25 Hour Certificate
    Health Qigong Da Wu, as taken from Chinese ancient literature,focuses on the bending, stretching, rotating & revolving of all joints in the body.This set of exercises are helpful to lubricate joints,purge and guide Qi through dance.

    b)Shi Er Duan Style(Sitting Twelve) – 25 Hour Certificate
    Health Qigong Shi Er Duan Jin, a sophisticated blend combining the essence of the ancient schools. This formAi??is a system ofAi??sitting postures exercises which are done in order of head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, upper limbs, lower limbs, chest and abdomen.

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