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    Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result
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    Here are some of the things our yogis are saying about our studio!

    First Hot Yoga Experience

    “It was my very first time doing Yoga. And what a fantastic overall experience I had!
    I arrived around 15 minutes early just to get registered and prepared for my class. Prior to arriving, I was so worried and anxious that I would have a difficult time but as soon i walked in, I was greeted by such a kind and calming gentleman who helped me through the registration process and proceeded to explain to me all about the class.
    The room wasn’t as hot as i thought it was going to be – but that’s not to say I didn’t work up a sweat because I most definitely did.
    I felt absolutely fantastic before, during, and after my class. Our Instructor was so calming and soothing and gave a couple different options for poses to allow for those who are more advanced and flexible as well.
    Will definitely be back!!”


    My niece Ashley suffered painfully from significant spinal curvature from scoliosis limiting her mobility.  Hospital specialists left Ashley completely on her own with the following unhelpful advice: “Exercise more, no treatment is necessary and when your condition gets worse, you will qualify for surgery.”
    Ashley saw Andrew when she was 14 during the critical window of time when scoliosis could still be improved significantly. By age 15, Ashley’s scoliosis curve was no longer noticeable. When I asked Ashley, now 17, how Andrew’s treatments changed her life, she said:
    “My posture and mobility improved. My back pain and headaches are gone. The laser therapy healed my dislocated knee. My gym class grade improved from C to A. My proudest moment was when I dragged a 180 lb. guy with a rope from one end of the gym to the other!!!” 
    Andrew’s treatments are extremely effective because he’s the only osteopath in Canada who skillfully combines osteopathy, massage, electrotherapy and low intensity laser therapy. Andrew has that rare magic touch, intuitively performing osteopathy like a gifted artist.
    Ashley’s younger sister Lauren, age 13 also went to see Andrew because her spine was significantly twisted to one side from scoliosis. Now Lauren’s spine is completely straight. Lauren often fell asleep during the massage part of treatment as soothing jazz, opera or classical music played in Andrew’s cozy office.  If you have children with scoliosis, don’t wait until it’s too late – go see Andrew now!
    Shirley / Thornhill, Ontario

    Weight Loss and Toning

    “I have been doing regular yoga for a while now but never tried hot yoga. Decided to try it on a whim with my sister and now I am hooked. I signed up for 30 days and enjoyed it so much that I came almost every day. In those 30 days not only did my flexibility improve by a considerate amount but I also managed to lose weight and tone my muscles. I lost just under 10 lbs but I am mostly excited about inches I lost. About an inch from each thigh few inches from hips as well as waist. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed seeing results this quickly even though I go to the gym on a regular basis. After 30 days passed I signed up for half a year and have made the decision to cancel my gym membership for the simple reason that I felt it was waste of time going there and it always felt like a chore. At first I didn’t think that hot yoga would be any different from regular yoga however I was mistaken. It is a totally different experience. Hot Yoga Wellness studio is a great place for beginners as well as advance students. You go at your own pace without being judged or intimidated. The staff is absolutely wonderful making it easy and pleasant coming to class. I even convinced a few of my family members and friends to try it out for the first time and they all loved it and are considering joining. Hot yoga gave me more core strength, toned my arms, legs and back and proved to be a whole body workout.
    -  Kay

    Weight loss, better sleep, flexibility.

    “April 2010. Overall lack of energy, a hard time sleeping, a hard time concentrating, etc. Terribly overweight. 

    My wife and I signed up at Hot Yoga Wellness and started taking about four classes per week of hot yoga.  I noticed a considerable improvement in my breathing which helped me sleep better.  I also noticed an improvement in my ability to concentrate; things were returning to normal. After roughly six weeks of yoga, my doctor liked what I was doing and suggested I go on a structured eating plan to lose weight.
    Mid August – I’m now down 35 lbs!  The weight loss kicked into high gear when I adjusted my eating habits, but the success is due to a combination of that and a commitment to practising yoga regularly.

    I’ve also noticed an amazing improvement in my flexibility. I can now do some postures that I couldn’t even visualize myself doing a few months ago. The entire staff at Hot Yoga Wellness has been extremely helpful and supportive for me in my recent quest and for that I cannot thank them enough.  Namaste.”
    -  Grant

    First Hot Yoga Class!


    “While I can go on about the amazing physical benefits that I have experienced since attending hot yoga wellness only a month ago, I would rather take the time to discuss the other less mentioned benefits. I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga, and upon taking the beginners two week trial period, I knew that this particular location was right for me. It was my first experience with any yoga, and while I am the kind of person to go “shopping around” I felt that it was the yoga instructors who really made this experience such a beautiful one. I’ve felt stronger and more flexible since yoga, but I’ve also felt more connected to my body, more appreciative of everything that surrounds me, more happy and relaxed. Yoga is not only a way of working out, albeit an extremely satisfying and amazing way to work out. I have seen physical benefits. It is also spiritual, and it is precisely this that many of us in our busy hectic lives don’t take time to attend to. I recommend yoga to all my friends for many reasons, if only to appreciate and come to be connected with our life our bodies and our spirit.  Thank you.”
    -  Amanda

    Lost 35 lbs.

    “Let me begin by saying thank you for the great classes and support that your team gives. I first came to yoga to bring spirituality back into my life. To my amazement it brought significantly more than that. It completely changed how I approached my life and the events surrounding it. For the sake of brevity, I will not get into those aspects but will say that this was the primary reason why I joined your studio. Much to my surprise, I experienced significant weight loss. Perhaps the most amusing story was when one morning after putting on my suit, I was walking towards the door and noticed something really wrong with what I was wearing. Yes, my pants would not stay up! My body had transformed rapidly and unexpectedly. In about 1 year, I went from a size 12 down to a 2, losing 35 lbs. I pretty much eat what I want. Results were noticeable even after 3 months, when I lost my first 10 lbs, building significant tone. More amazing was the core strength and balance that I acquired. My weight has not been an issue for almost 2 years now and I attend about 2 classes per week although I would do more if I had the time!  Thanks Guys!”
    -  Patricia

    Hot Yoga for life

    “When I started I was less flexible and weighed more. Since joining back in August, I have lost about 15lbs. My waist has shrunk at least an inch. The class has helped me to eat healthier. I am more focused and this has truly allowed me to realize my true abilities. It also has forced me to adjust my career around the yoga class. I have become more physically fit, emotionally connected and spiritually aware. This has been the happiest life fulfilling time of my life. I will do hot yoga for life!”
    -  John F.

    Legs now equal length

    “A resounding thank you for an unimagined benefit!!. You are an extended, warm, loving, supportive family. I started coming to your studio for the first time in August, 2008. My first real experience with yoga altogether. I came for 6 consecutive weeks almost daily and sometimes twice in a day. My left leg was approximately two inches shorter than my right leg for over ten plus years. I tried so many therapies and modalities to address this issue. But alas, to no avail. Nothing worked except for me hemming each pair of new pants I purchased. Groan. When I started yoga it was so exciting feeling myself stretch and grow stronger with each class. Of course, there were the off days but the feeling was just too blissful to stop. After about 6 weeks I went to a chiropractor and when he told me that my legs were just a smidgen different in length I almost bolted off the bed in shock and disbelief. Imagine the elation and happiness! No more hemming for me!! Of course my musculature was used to being that distorted way and it took some adjusting to feel normal again, but the continued practice made the transition so much easier. If for whatever reason, I did not attend classes for at least three times weekly I could feel the difference immediately and knew that this was where I needed to be. I look forward to aging gracefully, strong and sleek as I have never felt this strong physically, emotionally or mentally. I even handle life’s storms better. I can safely say that your mentoring, love, knowledge and devotion by your entire staff has assisted me so much on this new journey to a wonderful healthy new me. Thank you so much for your vision, sacrifice and dedication. You have given the community a wonderful gift.  In complete gratitude,”

    -  Anne S.

    Tremendous Changes

    “I began Yoga, against my wishes and better judgment (so I thought), on Feb 6, 07. Now I thank my sister for “forcing” me attend my first class. I have seen a tremendous change, physically and in mind and soul. Everyone notices that I have become calmer, more determined and self-confident. I am better able to deal with my three children and approach crises and problems with a calmer and clearer perspective. I no longer have problems sleeping. My children have commented many times on how flexible I have become. They are impressed! Yoga provides many benefits which anyone looking at you can see – strength, muscle, flexibility, leanness and also inner peace, tranquility and the joining of mind and spirit. This is even more important than the physical aspect. Yoga allows me to release my stress, problems and worries one breath at a time. As I breathe I become lighter, less wound up, even somewhat carefree. Usually I am able to carry these new feelings with me for the rest of the day. This allows me to be a better wife and mother (and overall a better person).”
    -  Miranda F.

    Injured Knee

    “Hot yoga has transformed my entire mind, body, spirit and life. I am a personal trainer and a competitive soccer player. For 15 years, I have been in the gym, lifting weights, running, training, and stressing my muscles, joints and bones beyond healthy limits. I would wake up sore, tired and aching everyday. A few months ago, I injured my knee playing soccer. I saw a doctor who told me to take anti-inflammatory and to stop exercising. I was apprehensive about taking the drugs and could not imagine my life without physical activity. I knew that the medication was only going to provide short term relief for my pain and that my liver would have to deal with the negative effects in the long run. I ended up listening to the doctor, and as a result, I did not get better and felt worse. I was looking for something more to help not only my body, but mind and soul. I came across this Hot Yoga studio and after hearing about all the benefits it provided, I decided to give it a try. I began with the one week trial, and it is now 3 months past and I practice daily. Ever since beginning, my knee has recovered. My entire body is pain free, strong and full of energy. My spirit has been uplifted, my heart has been opened and I am so grateful for this practice. I thank all the instructors and staff for making my practice so successful, and I thank my entire self, mind, body and spirit for being present each day. Often words cannot describe the experience I have had thus far and the excitement in continuing my journey and discovering more about myself. I tell all my friends and family about this amazing gift on earth. It is something worth discovering.  Namaste.”
    -  Jennifer C.

    Frozen Shoulder

    “I have a shoulder condition called Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen shoulder). It is painful, very slow to heal (sometimes taking up to two years) and ridiculously limits the range of arm movement. The muscles in both the arm and shoulder become atrophied and weak from disuse. Depression, as a result is very common in those who are afflicted by this condition. I have been going to Hot Yoga for a few months, averaging twice a week and the improvement in my shoulder is astounding. My range of movement is improving weekly and I feel my strength growing steadily. I have completely avoided needing any pain or anti-inflammatory medication. I found focus through the breathing, grounding and spiritual connection taught in each class and so I have managed to remain free from depression throughout my healing journey. I am so thankful for finding Hot Yoga and embrace it wholeheartedly!”
    -  Christine Paige

    Increased Flexibility

    “I have been a yoga practitioner for many decades and this last full year at Hot Yoga has been the time I have enjoyed the most flexibility increase ever. The heated yoga room also allows my tight ligaments and tendons to relax after a strenuous day at work. As a Yoga instructor myself I find the instruction from the teachers to be well thought out, motivating and caring. Thank you to the Hot Yoga Wellness Team!”
    -  Karen Widmer

    If you have any questions, comments or feedback on how we are doing, please contact us!

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