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    Concord Studio > Osteopathy & Massage

    Osteopathy & Massage

    Andrew Subieta, of the Hot Yoga Wellness Group, is a therapist with many years of experience, utilizing a unique combination of osteopathy, massage therapy, electrotherapy and laser therapy to successfully treat many conditions.

    He believes that the therapist’s role in treating disease is to restore proper musculoskeletal function to the body through correcting structural problems arising within joints, muscles, connective tissue and central nervous system.

    Andrew uses many manual techniques to treat the dysfunction including joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, visceral (internal organs) manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and neuromuscular massage. This variety is part of the strength of his treatment. He focuses on tracing the changes in function that have occurred over a period of time, realigning the body structure, finding the source of the problem and effectively correcting it.

    Conditions successfully treated include:

    • Low back pain and sciatica
    • Shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain
    • Tension headaches and migraines
    • Traumatic injuries (sports, motor vehicle accidents, falls)
    • TMJ (Jaw) Dysfunction
    • Osteoarthritis and scoliosis
    • Postural stress contributing to weakness, fatigue and loss of flexibility
    • Post-surgical pain, scars and adhesions

    His treatment is covered by extended healthcare insurance and motor vehicle accident insurance.

    For an appointment please call Osteoklinika, 905-660-8810.  He and his group of professionals are  located adjacent to the Hot Yoga Wellness studio at 1750 Steeles Ave W, Unit 9 (between Dufferin and Keele), Toronto, ON, L4K 2L7.

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