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    Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result
    Buttonville Studio > Hatha Flow

    Hatha Flow

    Hatha Flow (HF):                                                                                                                                                                                              Hatha Yoga  is the same as Foundation Flow  which is the basic yoga style for beginners and intermediate students. Hatha Flow contains a set of asanas (poses) that are designed to adjust the body in a certain way that facilitates various energy channels in the body; so that energy can flow freely. It is a powerful tool for self transformation as it eases physical and mental obstacles. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga creates a path to explore the next limbs of yoga let’s say, withdrawal of senses, concentration, meditation, and absorption or balance.

    The main origin behind the practice of Hatha Yoga is breathing. Controlling our breath can help improve oxygenation in the body and reduces stress levels. Therefore, this practice stimulates us to focus on our breath, maintain steady balance and promotes stillness in mind.